Serbian National Theatre was founded in Novi Sad, in the, then, Austro-Hungarian Empire, during a conference of Serbian National Theatre Society, founded by the Serbian Reading Room (“Srpska čitaonica”). Svetozar Miletić, one of the founding fathers, along with Stevan Branovački, Jovan Đorđević and Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, presided the session. The Society had a Board of Directors headed by the Chairman, with two Departments: Theatre, which took care of the acting troupe, repertoire and other relevant professional issues, and Commercial, which provided funds for the Theatre operations. First General Manager was Jovan Đorđević. The Theatre was founded with nine actors: Dimitrije Ružić, Dimitrije Marković Kikinđanin, Nikola Nedeljković, Kosta Hadžić, Mihailo Gavrilović, Mihailo Rac(ković), Mladen Cvejić, Stevan Čekić and Draginja Popović (married Ružić), and on the next day, 17 July, were hired: Ljubica Popović, Milica Grunčić and Nikola Zorić.

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