Coproduction Serbian National Theatre and Centre for Development of Visual Culture

Dejan Dukovski

(Prometheus Pathway)

Director: Aleksandar Popovski

Translation from Macedonian: Vera Vasilić
Translation into English: Boris Borić
Music: Bariş Manisa
Song: Srdjan Stojnović
Stage Design: Taciser Sevinc and Saša Senković
Costume Design: Marina Sremac
Stage Movement: Ista Stepanov
Assistant Director: Momčilo Miljković

Roles / Actors:

Nenad Pećinar

Dušan Jakišić

Kirl, Morfa                                         
Milorad Kapor

Igor Pavlović

Strahinja Bojović

Waiter, Nikolai, Butcher, Vuk        
Radoje Čupić

Jovana Stipić

Gordana Djurdjević Dimić

Višnja Obradović

Danica Grubački
Stage Manager: Vladimir Savin
Prompter: Srdjan Stojnović
Assistant Stage Designer: Nada Danilovac
Light Design: Miroslav Čeman
Sound Design: Vladimir Ognjenović

Premiere: 15th September 2015.  on “Pera Dobrinović” stage
Duration: 1h40min
Décor, costumes and other stage equipment made in workshops of the Serbian National Theatre.


The play has received multiple awards at the festivals:

28 October 2015
Best performed play at the 9th International “Skupifestival”, Skoplje, Macedonia

13 April 2016
Best script award to Dejan Dukovski  at the “Pozorišno proleće” festival, Šabac

22 May 2016
Awards on the 19th “Petar Kočić” festival in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska:
1.  award for the Best play as a whole  where tremendous honesty and talent are prominent, as well as dramatic skills and enviable sense for style and genre, and overall performance of the actors who have mastered the contemporary  expression with clear social consciousness regarding the role of theatre in the society.
2 and 3 awards for the Best stage design to Tadžiser Sevinć and Saša Senković for exceptionally remarkable and functional solution of the stage space, and support for the stage movement and creative visual elements.
4. Award for the Best stage direction to Aleksandar Popovski who set the play and directed the actors with great skills, perfectly depicting the transparent comedy of “laughter from the grave”.
5. Award for the Best dramatic text to Dejan Dukovski for artistic analysis of the contemporary models of the social behaviour forms, deepest tragic themes and secrets of the human soul that suffers while it laughs at itself and the world.
6. Award for the Best performance was awarded by the Jury of experts from Republika Srpska Radio and television.

17 July  2016
Best Actor” award to Radoje Čupić at the 3rd “Novi Tvrdjava teatar” in Čortanovci.


Thetare Criticisam by Ana Tasić
A shot at a blank heart by Teofil Pančić
A tragic happy end by Tatjana Nježić



Play and screen writer. Graduated from the Department of Dramaturgy – FDU/Faculty of Dramatic Arts at University of Skopje. He was Professor at FDU at Skopje, Department of Film and TV scenario and worked as a writer in residence in Deutsches Shauspielhouse in Hamburg. He wrote the plays: “Balkanska”, “The Balkan Vampire”, “Balkan is not Dead”, “Powder Keg”, (Play was performed at many European and World Festivals. It opened the Bonner Bienniale ‘96-Germany,  BITEF-Yugoslavia, Rome Autumn Festival- Italy etc.), “Who the Fuck Started All This” (awarded with a Grand Prix on the International Theatre Festival BITEF 97 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia), “Dracula”, “Other Side”, “Empty City”, “Uterus”, “Lost in Space”. His plays are translated in a lot of languages and statistically he is the most staged Macedonian author. He is the author of the screenplays: “Light Gray”, “Like in a Bad Dream” (based on the author’s play Who the Fuck Started All This), “Head Noise”, “Balkan is not dead” (based on the author’s play) and “Powder Keg” (USA, Cabaret Balkan, based on the author’s play). The film “Powder Keg” directed by Goran Paskaljevic, won numerous awards: FIPRESCI, International critics award for the best film in all categories, European Critic’s award (FIPRESCI) for the best film, Venice Film Festival, Italy, award “Bronce Camera 300”, International Camera Festival in Bitola, Macedonia, Gran Prix, International Film Festival in Antalia, Turkey, Gran Prix, International Film Festival in Haifi, Israel etc… The film was Yugoslavian candidate for Oscar.

A word or two
“Solution is right under our noses, but we cannot see it. - What solution? - Solution for this shitty situation. - ‘ you mean this general shit of ours, or our specific shit?” This how this play and personal journey of the main character, Mara, begins, initiated by the rather shitty situation he finds himself in. Injustice has been inflicted upon him by the system, and he decides to start the battle for his rights. He embarks on an irrational campaign against the corrupt system. The war against all. His main weapon is hypnotic power of persuasion, and his method is killing. He bloodily tramples everything and everyone who stands in his way, moving like a rhinoceros on his path of justice, path of freedom. Who is Mara? A hero? A murderer? A simple man brought to the basic obstruction of common sense. A ghost with an axe, or vortex of revolution that chops the regime’s head off... Or maybe just an idea in the minds of so many people today.
Dejan Dukovski


Born in Skopje, Macedonia in 1969. He graduated from the University of “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje, with  BA in Film and Drama. His first professional debut was in the theatre in 1992, where he directed a play written by the Macedonian author Dejan Dukovski. 
He fluently speaks, reads and writes Macedonian, English, Serbian and Croatian Language as well as uses French, Bulgarian and Russian. 

Theatre projects (selection):
F. G. Lorka “ Love of Perlimplin and Belissa”, independent production, Skoplje 1993
“Just Like That, Under the Clouds”, A.Popovski – D. Mitrevski, Mala Stanica – Aarhus Theatre , Copenhagen, 1994
D. Harms “Circus Printimpram” Theatre “Mala Stanica”, Skopje, 1995
D. Dukovski “Who, the Fuck Start All This” , Macedonian National Theatre, Skopje, 1997
D. Dukovski “The Powder Keg” ,
Theatre “Kerempuh” – Zagreb, 2000
A.M. Koltes “ Roberto Zucco”, Atelje 212 – Belgrade, 2000
G. Stefanovski “Power Flash”,
Drama Theatre – Skopje, 2000
T.Kosi/J.Venecija/A.Popovski “Don Quiote” (based on M.Servantes’ novel “Don Quiote”, SNG-Maribor 2001)
D.Dukovski “ The Balkan is not Dead”, Drama Theatre – Skopje, 2001
(based on the B. Stocker’s novel “Dracula- adaptation and dramatisation by Aleksandar Popovski and Dejan Dukovski) , SNG – Maribor, 2002
A.Chekhov ” Chery Orcher” ,  Srpsko Narodno Pozoriste – Belgrade, 2003
G. Buchner “Danthons Death
Css – TeatroStabile di Innovazione del FVG, – Udine, 2003
A.  Chekhov “ Three Sisters”, Naroden Teatar -  Bitola, 2004
W. Shakespeare “Tempest”, Turkish Drama – Skopje, 2004
B. SrbjanovicAlice in the Wonderland”, Atelje 212 – Belgrade, 2004
M. McdonaughPillowman”, SNG – Celje, 2004
B. Srbjanovic  “Alice in the Wonderland”, A. Popovski, adaptation for Swedish audience – Stockholm, 2005
Molier  “Don Juan”, Dramski Teatar-Skopje
A. Lasic “Za zdaj nikjer”, SNLG-Ljubljana, Slovenija, 2005
E.Peg “New friends”,  National Theatre of Northern Greece,Thesaloniki, October, 2006
S. Grum “Dogodek v mestu Gogi”, SLG Celje March, 2007
W. Shakespeare  “Midsummer Night”, Gavela, Zagreb, December, 2007
Ovidius “Methamorhoses”, Universitat fur Musik und Darstelendekunst, 2007 Graz,
M. Ivackevisius “Close City”, Theatro Stabile Sloveno, Trieste, Italy, 2008
Voltaire  “Candide or Optimism”, JDP, Beograd, November, 2009
M. Markovic  “Boat for Dolls”, SNLG Ljubljana, December, 2009
W. Shakespeare  “Hamlet”, Universitat fur Musik und Darstelendekunst, Graz, 2009
Ovidius  “Metamorphoses”, Jugoslovensko Dramsko Pozoriste, May2010
A.Strindberg  “Peer Gynt”, Gavella, Zagreb, February, 2010
Ch. Hampton  “Dangerous Liasons”, Istanbul, October, 2010
A.Strindberg, “Miss Jully”, Turkish Thetre , Skopje, March, 2010
A. Strindberg  “The Road to Damascus”, SNG, Ljubljana, December, 2010
D. Harms “Cirkus Destetika”, Summer Festival Rijecke ljetne noci, NHK, Ivan Zajc, Rijeka, July 2010
G. Stefanovski “Odyssey”, Coproduction Theatre „Ulysses“, „Gavella“, Atelje212, Sterijino Pozorje, Serbian National Theatre, and Theatre Navigator Cvetko, 2012
Ch. Hampton, “Dangerous Liasons”, SNG, Maribor, 2012
M. Bulgakov “Life of Moliere“ Macedonian National Thetre, Skoplje, 2012
V.V. Myakovski  “Mystery Buffo“, SNG Drama, Ljubljana
W. Shakespeare “Twelfth Night, or Whatever you want“,HNK Zagreb, 2012
J. Anouilh, “Antigone“, Gavella, Zagreb, 2012
C.Sternheim  “Aus dem bürgerlichen Heldenleben”, MGL Ljubljana, 2013
B. Vian  “Les Bâtisseurs d’Empire“, „Hayal Perdesi“ produced for Istanbul International Theatre Festival, 2014
D. Harms “Hail Harms!”, Kerempuh, Zagreb, 2014
G. Vojnovic “TakSi”, MGL,  Ljubljana 2014
G. Stefanovski  “Figurae Veneris Historiaе, SNG Drama, Ljubljana, 2014

Film projects (selection):
Film omnibus “LIGHT GRAY” (Mitrevski – Popovski – Janicievic),  produced by  TRFZ Pegaz,  Macedonia in 1993.
“GOODBYE 20TH CENTURY” with Darko Mitrevski,  produced by First  Partizans  Production, Macedonia, in 1998.
“METAMORPHOSES”, co-produced by Kino Oko, New Moment and Partysans Production in 2008.
“BALKAN IS NOT DEAD”, produced by Kino Oko and Testament Films, Belgrade, in 2012.

Academic and pedagogical work:
2007 – “Metamorphoses”  collaboration Academy of Drama Arts, University of “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”, Skoplje, Universität für Musik und Darstelendekunst, Graz  2009 – „Hamlet“, Universität für Musik und Darstelendekunst, Graz. National Theatre Northern Greece, Thessaloniki (Workshops in Thessaloniki).

Festivals and awards:
Copenhagen, Lion, Leipzig, Oldenburg, Erlangen, (Grand Prix for the best performance), Cividale del Fruli, INFANT – Novi Sad, ( award for theatre experiment), BITEF – Belgrade, FIAT – Podgorica (Grand Prix)BITEF – Belgrade,(audience award) , Nacionalen Festival “Vojdan Cernodriunski”- Prilep , Grand Prix and award for directing, Udine-Italy,Wiena-Austria, Festival in Gibelina, Sicilia, Festivals: BITEF – Belgrade, (Grand Prix for the best performance), Bonner Biennale, Theatre “Gavella” – Zagreb, Blagoevgrad (award for directing)…. Nacionalen Festival “Vojdan Cernodriunski”, Grand Prix and award for directing, Festivals:Carakaz-Venezuela, MOT-Skopje, Borstnik- Maribor, Ohrid Summer Festival, Sterija award (two times, 2009, 2010)

A word by Director:
 The need to create this play came from the necessity to explain to myself how one individual can function in the world we created created in the past 15 years. When I speak about this world that has set capitalist liberalism as the primary ideology, nationalism as the government policy, crime and religion as the predominant standpoint and perspective on the state of affairs. This is the world through which Hamlet walks, a man who clearly sees deception. In the 90ies, it was obvious who the good and bad people were. New century equalised everyone, they came on our side, adopted the way we speak, clothes we wear, behaviour. They became peaceful democrats in wolf’s skin. Our area of struggle has narrowed down, and we had to search for new fields of activity.
This is how a story of a man who embarks on the fight against the entire system came into being. A utopian melodrama of a possible Hamlet who acts instead of thinking. Instead of doubting, he decides to kill the king, queen and all others who stand in the way of his quest to liberate and clear this world from injustice. Injustice exists, he says, and that is it. Somebody had to clean it up.
Aleksandar Popovski

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